Aston Martin DBS GT Zagato

Bugatti sells its Centodieci at 8 million euros before tax. Aston Martin's DBS GT Zagato is equally crazy, pricing its new DBS GT Zagato at £6 million before tax. However, in this case you get not one but two cars, because the purchase is bundled with a replica of the classic DB4 GT Zagato, which is probably the highlight of the pair. Like the original Zagato, only 19 of this pair will be built.

The DBS GT Zagato is built around DBS Superleggera, of course, but its clothes are all-new, featuring Zagato's trademark large grille and double-bubble roof. Mechanical changes are not the focus, but still, the car's twin-turbo V12 has been boosted from 725 to 760hp, so it can be only faster.

Admittedly, you won't buy this car for sheer speed. You want to show off. To that end, Aston Martin's coachbuilding department, Q, handcrafted this car's interior with carbon-fiber, aluminum and gold, in addition to flamboyant red leather upholstery.
What about the DB4 GT Zagato Continuation? It is remarkably close to the original, both cosmetically and mechanically, although its straight-six engine is enlarged to 4.7 liters instead of 3.6, giving it at least 380hp. Unfortunately, it is a new car rather than a restored one. As it is hopeless to fulfill homologation for new cars, you cannot register it for road use. That's why it is bundled with the DBS.

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